Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Report: Civilization Network beta coming in June

The difficulty with those hollow boxes littering the cubicles at your workplace is there isn't sufficiency juice, sufficiency substance, within to actually separate some category of program right of Excel, Outlook or--when you're rattling bored--MS Paint. So if you're at impact and don't rattling see same working, you're unnatural to either spot the web for clog or check a elegant screensaver. Then, there was hope: Civilization Network for Facebook.

However, it looks same Civilization Network is ease a structure off. Variety reports that the beta for the newborn Facebook mettlesome won't actually move up until around June. This will likely become as a bounteous let-down to fans, as the initial declaration backwards in October mentioned a catch for beta testers would be current "soon." We surmisal "soon" effectuation "maybe in a few months or something."


Monday, February 1, 2010

The Best of Big Download: January 25 - 31

January 2010 ended with the promulgation of digit of the prizewinning games of the assemblage in Mass Effect 2. At small -- we assume it's digit of the prizewinning games of the year. If they intend such better than this, we're feat to be in good shape. However, PC gamers hit even more goodness in accumulation for February. Before we start a newborn period let's countenance backwards at the events of the last heptad life in January.

Exclusive Features
  • Independent Games Festival 2010: We countenance at all of the nominees entered into the period occasion of indie games. Check discover conception one, conception two, conception three, conception four and conception fivesome of the series.
  • Interviews: We chitchat with the co-founder of CD Project on GoG.com and more and with Gas Powered Games' Chris President on Supreme Commander 2.
  • Opinion: Apple's iPad - danger or support to PC gaming? - We provide our instrument on if the newborn Apple figure module change PC gaming.
  • Boot Disk: Our retrospective games feature checks discover the example Tropico.
  • Freeware Friday: Our weekly feature on liberated PC games checks discover the rogue-like Tiny Crawl.
  • Batttlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Chenopodiaceae Client: If you hit an invite, download the full computer to the prototypal mortal expert beta from Digital Illusions.
  • Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Patch and Overwatch DLC: Codemasters' stylish connector for the prototypal mortal expert adds newborn missions and noesis to the game.
  • Divinity 2 1.03 patch: This connector updates the past RPG from Larian Studios.
  • James Cameron's Avatar The Game 1.02 patch: Update your movie-based action mettlesome with this stylish connector from Ubisoft.
  • Assassins's Creed 2 PC gets March 16 promulgation date; system glasses revealed
  • New Medal of Honor mettlesome to mix Unreal Engine 3 with DICE's Frostbite Engine
  • Ubisoft to bond in future PC games to Ubi.com online accounts
  • Ultima concern gets newborn Lords of Ultima browser-based strategy game
  • Cities XL to closed down MMO features; Cities XL 2011 announced
  • Red 5 Studios confirms "restructuring"
  • GoG.com to add Activision and former Vivendi Games titles to library
  • Grand Theft Auto IV expansions eventually due for PC on March 30
  • Valve: Steam 2009 mettlesome organisation sales went up 205 percent
  • The Peregrine PC recreation glove suspended until March 2010