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Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 - a little 'different than before

This year there is a certain crisis for the video game on PC, also bears witness to the fact that a giant like Capcom has decided to focus on this market, many now considered to sunset, were it not for the Pharaohs revenue that can to ensure that the software house mmorpg, alias gold mines, such as World of Warcraft or the like. Perhaps this is due to the development of a wildfire that piracy does not spare anything or anyone. Instead, despite all this gossip here we are, again, to enjoy our preferred platform incarnaizone brand new Resident Evil now in its fifth episode, in better shape than ever, even if a little 'different than before.

Brains mushy and mutilated zombie

The events that are the backdrop for Resident Evil 5 takes place ten years after the first Resident Evil and so much deference in the now distant, talking about video games, 1996. Resident Evil 5 Paradoxically, unlike the classic gloomy environments, typical of previous episodes is set in a fictional region of Africa as well as light: Kjuju. Here the protagonist Chris Redfield, old friend for fans of the saga, is accompanied by a new entry, a degree of Sheva Alomar, yet tough and sexy girl with typically African features and frills. Abandoned the special team S.T.A.R.S. to which he belonged, Chris has been aggregated with the new partner, a company created with the objective of combating biological threats and to stop arms smuggling virus: the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance). The inhabitants of Kjuju have been infected by a strange, deadly virus that turns them into aggressive beings without brains, called majin, very similar to Ganados of RE4, with the irrational urge to attack anyone, including Chris and Sheva. The two players will then try to figure out who is behind the creation of this terrible virus, this balancing to the sound of bullets steaming between brains mashed and mutilated zombies.

Survival or action?

Although the opening bars seem to see a gameplay unchanged compared to that seen in Resident Evil 4, after a few minutes of play, one realizes that it faces that inspired gameplay, but is partially renovated. First, the view, always in third person, has a broad vision of the game, and the movements adding the ability to move well laterally. Once a weapon is impossible, however to any displacement, a characteristic that makes them more frightening, but also frustrating, although it is now a prerogative inherent brand Resident Evil. Feeling unable fact creates more fear in the player. The most striking is the presence of the companion, who will fight alongside the player throughout the adventure. Discreetly managed by artificial intelligence in the single player mode, can be used by a friend in cooperative multiplayer modes online. In the single addition to the fighting, where obviously the major partners will help to get the better of Majin, will be important to better manage their inventory. For there is the possibility to exchange weapons and items at any time, taking care, however, in the determination of resources between the two characters. Furthermore Sheva during the clashes, as a good infermierina, will have a lot of dedication towards Chris, treating me as soon as his level of health will decline. Your job will then not be too selfish and even give you a hand to his companion when you will suffer, leaving a good amount of ammunition and weapons. In multiplayer the story changes, because behind the guise of Sheva will find a person in flesh and bone, where it might be a good friend but a stranger perhaps less than generous. The level of difficulty of the game is not just from casual gamer, you will have to struggle from the very first zombie jokes galore, which could lead to less savvy players to lose their patience once abandoning the game. After a few minutes of play, however, acquired a certain familiarity and entered the perspective of the game, the difficulty will be part of the positive notes of the game, making it never repetitive and always maintain the high threshold of challenge, thanks to an excellent level design. The longevity of the title will surely turn up their noses to the most hardcore fans, the season in a single fact, amounted to only 7-8 hours of play. This PC version only real news, ignoring the two extra costume available at the end of the adventure mode is the No Mercy finds a carload of zombies ready to pounce for poor Chris and Sheva. This mode leaves a lot to those that are the hallmarks of a game like Resident Evil, but the combat system, slow and cumbersome, it certainly helps to have the best zombie, that in certain situations to more than twenty simultaneously on screen. Therefore recommended to more experienced players who want a high level of challenge, almost to the extent possible. We are therefore faced, which had already glimpsed with RE4, a definitive turning point. It can no longer be called "only" survival horror game that now looks more and more to a third-person shooter, with some smattering of horror here and there, witnessed mostly by a few cutscenes from the horror movie "Night Horror" and the usual zombies to kill. Even the puzzles are very important in older versions, have been reduced to a minimum, replaced by sequences of game much more dynamic and action. This could alienate fans of survival horror, and the range, but after Resident Evil 5 still has within him a soul that horror led him to be classified, according to the writer, as a hybrid.

Conversion ad hoc

The graphics are undoubtedly also spent five months from the exit, one of the highlights of this Resident Evil, and the PC version we are facing a conversion, as seen in Street Fighter IV, done properly. Polygonal models well-made, high-resolution textures in almost all occasions, fine particle effects and lighting. Unfortunately, the level is still that seen in the console version, if it were not for the possibility of increasing the resolution or frame rate can go up to 60fps (obviously have a computer match) against 30 of the console counterparts. The presence of DirectX 10 does not add anything substantial, if not to make the game more difficult to digest, it is hardly new anchor failure to fully support the latest Microsoft home libraries. With our configuration, equipped with a Quad Core QX6800, a GeForce GTX 295 and 4 GB of DDR2 RAM Vista 64bit environment in the game hardly drops below 50-60 fps, with a resolution of 1900x1200, maximum details and the antialiasing filter set to 8x. All in all, nothing incredibly heavy, but not too light, however, with the possibility of climbing in a detailed graphical settings, finding the right compromise quality-fluidity. The audio industry is generally good, although there is a dubbing of Italian spoken in the language across the Channel has been well implemented and the songs in the background never appear out of place. For lovers of gaming between the keyboard and mouse there is good news, because the system of control, unlike what was seen in Resident Evil 4 has been optimized perfectly. Initially will be most difficult to use these devices more intuitive than the gamepad, but after a little 'practice controls will be much more precise and faster. The laser sight has been replaced with a larger one and dedicated to the commands of pcisti, and the use of the keyboard keys that are more dynamic and comfortable in managing inventory, turn around or attacking with a knife.


Five months later are only partly justified by the excellent translation made by Capcom, now a certainty given the above. On the other hand were not included important innovations than the console versions. We are still faced with the same product seen in March, but on a different platform, that technical superiority can squeeze even more excellent engine for the game, the MT Framework. Whether an action or survival horror now of little importance, in fact the truth lies somewhere in between, but give it the benefit of the doubt for who is never satisfied.
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