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Watchmen - The End is Night 2

Watchmen - The End is Night 2  DVD Game Cover

Watchmen - Streets Super Heroes

In 1986 he arrived in the United States a graphic novel that would revolutionize what, until then had been the understanding of the Super Heroes, not just the universe DC Comics (Batman, Superman), but also that Marvel (Spiderman, X-men). Work that can transcend the comics and to establish itself as a genuine literary event, even winning the Hugo. Watchmen.
Moore and Gibson's masterpiece is a work that shows the number of masked vigilantes on the same level of ordinary people, with fears, hopes and emotions. Not unblemished heroes, but ordinary citizens who descend on the streets for an innate sense of justice, sometimes even distorted.

Last year came at last a film adaptation of, so ambitious as to be either understood or loved by everyone. However, and in any case, Warner Bros. has decided to stake much on the IP, so as to have triggered a series of video games distributed via digital delivery, which would have narrated the story of Rorschach and Nite Owl, before the dissolution of a "catch - crimes.
After the first, awkward attempt, will try again with Deadline Games Watchmen - The End is Night 2 as downloadable episodes available for PC and PS3 and at the end of summer coming to the Xbox 360, hoping that this time can deliver a better finished product, that are more varied and enjoyable.

The night is still dark

Like any good result Watchmen - The End is Night 2 slavishly reproduces the mechanics of the first episode: we, therefore, again accompanied Nite Owl and Rorschach for the violent streets of the city to expose those behind the production of erotic films with protagonists of minors . They will not be very vigilant for the subtle, in fact long favored using his hands rather than the more classical methods of investigation. The game will be a beat'm up period of three chapters, from classical mechanics rather: are taking place constantly throughout a series of rooms crammed with enemies that will slow toward the end of the level. Unlike the classic scheme of this kind, at the end of each level we will not have any boss fight, except the final boss. With some simple lever to press or article to be found during the three hours needed to complete the game with a character, we will not have to do is beating her hands. Fortunately, using the Rorschach crowds massacring several thugs scattered around the level takes on a visceral taste, which bears a share of madness and anger that invade the mind of this enigmatic character. Sometimes these scenes are even too much, so much to recommend the purchase to only a mature audience and hardly impressionable. Unfortunately for him, Nite Owl, lacks the charisma and use, in addition to being a bit 'more cumbersome, is decidedly less fun.

Two keys to the shots, one for the sockets and the counter are the only moves at your disposal, but by following the instructions that appear on the screen you can kick off a deadly and spectacular performances. In this way the timing is much more important than the button mashing, appearing in certain stages plus a Bemani that beats hard shift. But as we said, except that some small mini-game such as the locks, there is not much beating and that the joy and fun that can be felt in the early moments of the game soon vanish to recur persistently guilty of the same scenarios, opponents and even sequences of the same violent end.

From this point of view of longevity might seem like a rather narrow point of strength, since the gait of the final phases will be pretty boring, consisting of: room, enemies, enemy tracking final room .. identical sequence to the tenth the hope that it finally came to the conclusion becomes a palpable feeling.

The Rorschach inkblots

Technically speaking Watchmen - The End is Night 2 is remarkable for a general improvement in the graphic industry, compared to the first episode. Well characterized the different actors, for which a set of animations and details of well-made, the less convincing but the routines that manage the interpenetration of bodies and the lack of vertical sync, a problem that could not be completely overcome, even pushing to maximum settings for a ATI HD4890.

The fund is sound appreciation for a good dubbing by the original actors of the film, and some good sound effects. Longevity is definitely the weak point of the Warner production, along with the variety, because in an afternoon of intense play will be possible to complete the campaign with both characters. The two-player mode, in local, little will serve to maintain high attention around this second episode.


Watchmen - The End is Night 2 is a title recommended for those few who have loved to madness the first episode of the series and for those who are in withdrawal symptoms for waiting longer than expected Blu-ray containing the extended version moving pictures. All others will have to evaluate properly if you do not have a better way to spend 13 euros needed to buy, not because this is a bad game, but why not offer anything more than a week of intense fisticuffs.
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