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FIFA 10 DVD Game Cover

For us, critical review of video games means a new product evaluation as possible within the context in which it is proposed, therefore, without being influenced too much by any versions for other platforms. In the face of FIFA 10 on PC, however, we are compelled to overturn the unwritten rule, because three years from Windows users expect lawfully gained a conversion true masterpiece on the Xbox 360 and PS3.
The version 08 and 09 were inexplicably closer, in terms of quality, the old gen (and old style) for the PlayStation 2, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of owners who wanted to recent hardware to enjoy the same depth of play and 'very good graphics engine donated to the "consular".
Fifa 10 should have been a very important stage for EA Sports, because it would have ruled (at least on paper) the final overtaking on the eternal rival PES and would become the game of football, a new benchmark for years to come. Knowing that left more than a hope to PC users. In all probability on the Xbox 360 and PS3 will be so, judging from the demo version of the product that Konami just days from the exit still difficult to fill the gaps identified. But on PC? No, once again the platform of your choice makes the bitter figure of his brother ugly and poor.

Fifa 10? Um, no ...

The austerity of this Fifa 10 has already denounced the menus, scanty and devoid of many of the items that have made the fortune of the incarnations console. But let's go with order.
It 'just start our analysis from the gameplay, the true soul of any football simulation. Speeding in a friendly fast, we are immediately faced with rapid and immediate action game with touches of first and animations fast and easy to perform, all naturally at the expense of realism. The feints, achievable with the combined pressure of two keys on the pad (which I highly recommend the device, not yet want to play football with the keyboard in 2010 ...) to allow Messi to turn, but also to Del Piero Pirlo or if we must Frankly, to overcome the marker it reasonably easy, inventing such spectacular slalom dribbling and how effective is the level of difficulty is lower than higher.
The configuration command lets you set the filter, and cross into "manual", so as to delegate to the player the direction and power of the launches have greater freedom of play. All nice, please, shame on consoles more the same opportunity is extended to all games, including the shots, really changed the approach to gameplay. Here, however, the differences are not so radical, it remains satisfactory unmark a mate with a throw of twenty meters, the same can not be said at the time immediately following, or that the conclusion at the door: the players have the annoying habit of not always receive the order to impart so happens that direzionino the shot towards the corner opposite to what we expected, removing a lot of character to action.
Moreover, if we are even more serious defect, there is an abuse of the shot low to the ground, as if Gattuso or Brocchi had the gun in the feet of Ibrahimovic: inside the area is difficult to pick up the ball, to the delight of opponents goalies to which most of the time just to relax our attempt to block easily.
A new feature being very ostentatious promotion was that the introduction of control at 360 °, peculiarities in a position, at least in words, to extend the depth of the game to unprecedented limits and make even more realistic and effective dribbling.
Absolute freedom in the field: an objective as ambitious and challenging on PC, once again, has not found his consecration. Or rather, the players actually move with good accuracy according to the inclination that we give the analog stick, but was unaffected the ability to change direction abruptly with the ball at his feet to dribble past the marker. In fact this nullifies the whole sense of control at 360 °, because the man just jump veer toward one of the four main directions and the game will be made.
These simplifications to the gameplay, combined, would lead to an outcome that has the undeniable merit of immediacy and fluidity of action and often spectacularly fast, but is certainly not realistic and rewarding. To some people might like, especially if you try the classic "game every so often with his friend in office, but he who does serve its purpose of the simulation game will inevitably be disappointed.

Managers and professionals online

The multiplayer is something that EA Sports has invested and built much of the success of its productions, not just football. To date, talking about Fifa 10, we find on consoles offer online modes in space: the classic classified join the leagues and the beautiful Club online (up to 10vs10 players).
On the PC, needless to say, much remains a chimera, if for no other matches have good net-code and no problems with lag. You play and you do well, sin than Fifa 09 virtually nothing has changed under the sun.
Of note, positive this time, the revival of Adidas Live Season, which is the weekly update of the physical conditions and techniques of the players from European leagues to the most important: depending on the status of real form values will suffer slight variations and ensure a " parallel "interesting what you see on TV and stadium.
Taking into account the offline, how we coach, has become a classic with all its cliches, which is flanked by a simplified version thereof called "season" where you think only play without worrying about managing the market, the staff and everything that should make a good manager.
In the "Professional" you having to set up your alter ego and make him grow up to become a star, addition exclusively for the PC version, view it summoned the national team in case of performance of a certain level.
In short, there is a lot to play, not to mention the usual excellent work done on a license that once again offer an impressive number of teams and players, a matter which Fifa 10 keeps them apart rival. But we only see how much gameplay you accommodate this potential longevity, according to your needs.

Dear old generation

The fund follows the technical philosophy of the rest of the pack: this graphically Fifa 10 knows much more than that old-gen next-gen, a bitter taste and hard to digest. The developers do not even have the excuse of hardware limitation because, unlike the statements lack credibility that they tried to sell us, the impression is that a medium-high configuration would easily handle the brilliant engine ported to console, that is true next-gen. But after three years we are still here talking about a player's lack of detail, animation only discrete stages of undress and an overall more reminiscent of the now obsolete version for Playstation 2.
It can and must do more, because such choices are truly unimaginable and seemingly counterproductive to Canada's largest software house, which seems to only save time and money in a market clearly not worthy of attention, which would also easily conquer considering the recent difficulties objective of PES.
At least there are good and his trusty Caressa Bergomi appears to care for a commentary that enjoys the usual few but tasty additions, and that, even as it becomes repetitive after a few hours, does his duty. So how do the sound effects and the choruses of the curves, but without excel.
To sum up, this PC version does not really have anything to try to fulfill her long-awaited breakthrough: it is a trivial "More of the Same" of Fifa 09, light years away from what could be. Indeed, should and should be. Until then, thank Konami licking his fingers.


We were to judge the incarnation of FIFA 10 PC estranged from the console versions, probably would reach a narrow enough, but still sufficient. After three years, however, we can no longer pretend nothing and turn a blind eye to the fact that Xbox360 and PS3 platforms by no means superior technical potential, enjoy a FIFA 10, which in common with this mediocre product has only the title. Forget about the depth of play, the large number of online modes and appreciated the beautiful graphics engine on consoles, there are only an immediate but unrealistic gameplay and the usual pack impoverished and taste stale, trying with little success to get away from the old generation. In light of these considerations, it is with great sadness that we are forced to suppress the conversion of EA Sports, we hope momentary decision pending a last next-gen FIFA 11 on PC also. E 'ask so much?

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