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Risen DVD Game Cover

The world of the GDR is experiencing very interesting years. While there is ample room for experimentation with other genres el'incrocio playful in its most classic role-playing continues to inspire many editors, who continue to give loyal to titles of great thickness.
Famous for the saga of the Gothic, the Piranha Bytes have decided to take a break from their leading brands to engage in a completely new product that aims to discover the most authentic aspects of the GDR in its purest form.

Welcome on the Risen Island

As the basic approach of Risen closely resembles that of the old Gothic, with a single controllable character, third-person view and direct attacks by mouse, the gameplay is entirely built around the desire to offer the player the greatest possible freedom in dealing with its history. We begin the adventure as castaways on the island of Farang, characterized by a wild and an imposing fortress on the slopes of a volcano, which dominates the landscape.
Recently occupied the island is under the control of the Inquisition, which he clutched in his grip due to a number of ruins and precious artifacts found underground as a result of volcanic eruptions.

Taken the first steps on the banks, in the company of the only other survivor of the maritime disaster, we find now a huge choice. As a classic quest log to provide some evidence on how to proceed, free will is absolute. Then chose to move towards the capital city where the heart of the story takes off. We find in fact two opposing factions: on one hand, the inquisition, the other rebels, both involved the accumulation of artifacts. A long series of quests and sub-quests will put us in the face the difficult choice as to which of the two parts join. Very interesting is the fact that all this can be approached in many different ways, for example by making use of deception and cunning, or yielding to mere brute force. More often there will be chances to double-cross, and we pretend to be working with one faction at the same time by selling information to another.

As the maps and the quest log to provide some help in resolving delicate situations proposed, the setting is decidedly hardcore roleplaying: often need to memorize the locations and names of the NPCs involved in the mission in progress, or make real research without many reference points. All this will require some patience and dedication, and will undoubtedly discourage players accustomed to GDR more user friendly, taking on the other hand, the delight of purists of the genre, that they will get their teeth. To make matters even more complicated there is no distinction between major and minor, which tends to leave many times feel lost about how to proceed in the story: This too helps to make a title Risen enjoyable especially for those who want to get lost in the maze a world of many possibilities.

Depending on the faction chosen, you will have access to two completely different quest chains: If you join the Inquisition, you will be trained hard in the volcanic fortress and then groped to defeat the rebels, but if you join the resistance during the events and people encountered will change radically. In a title that has more than 30 hours to complete the main quest, such a replay brings longevity complexities remarkable.

Excellent is the variety of environments that the island has to offer: apart from the thick vegetation of the inland, exploring the city happens, fortitude and a lot of dungeons and secret allow you to enjoy a good selection of open areas and the closed, always well characterized by design, and embellished by the day / night cycle.

Risen Not only dialogues

Although many quests can be solved with the use of long multiple-choice dialogues, in Risen's chances of fighting there for sure: it has divided equally between melee and magic, and lacking entirely the choice of any class, he will player to choose how to evolve your character. In addition to the accumulation of experience and higher level, enhancing the basic characteristics such as strength of character, skill and knowledge is at the instructors who provide training in exchange for large sums of money.

The weapons available are divided between those to be cut to one or two hands, and those from away, such as bows and crossbows: the first ones are the attribute strength, whereas the second skill.

Of course you can also equip armor and shields with increasing values of protection.
Magic is about evenly divided between the use of scrolls, which can be activated only once and do not require special skills and spells learned. These range abundantly, moving from levitation to the possibility of opening the locks, the classic ball of fire to transform into a Nautilus, a small mollusk, useful for crossing small hole.

The battle provides the combined use of the mouse with the left and the right to attack the parade, and the keyboard, which is used to activate the classic slot custom action.

The artificial intelligence of enemies is not particularly complex, since it relies on a predefined pattern of attack, but at the same level clashes often prove very difficult and very long. In a word, save often. Mixtures to take part sometimes friendly NPC, who will be able to give a hand without ever being too invasive.
In addition to solving intricate verbal disputes and fight duels to the death, the island offers many chances as Farang professions that you can take: alchemy, mining, metalworking, pickpockets, burglars, there is n ' is something for everyone, and a good knowledge of some key skills will provide more aid during the quest.

A GDR elite

As anticipated at the beginning, Risen is not an RPG for everyone. It addresses belonging to her kind, without compromise, through an almost non-existent, and functional access to quests anything but user friendly, which gives the player the task of beating every inch of the relevant portions of the map, speaking with the NPC and sometimes conducting real investigations. And 'the price to pay for an immersive, giving the player the impression of being in a world without the annoying pre-determination that is often felt in the GDR targeted to a wider audience. Be commended is the richness of the dialogues, which has the downside of the fact that they sometimes carry over for several minutes, testing the players less patient. The fact that various quests can be solved without ever pull the sword confirm the address chosen by developers, which makes this an RPG Risen pure and in some ways very close to pen and paper counterparts.

The only criticism that can move, narratively speaking, a certain lack of depth in some characters, like the hero and the super villain of the situation, they remain for the whole development-dimensional and superficial. Fortunately, in addition to being immersive, plot and many subplots are revealed very enjoyable, and make you want to continue even during the most difficult.

Risen Tech sector

Although the previous games in the Piranha Bytes, Gothic III in particular, have not disclosed some of the miracles of optimization, fortunately Risen has been done on a job cleaning a lot more depth. No bugs of affecting the performance of quests, and a generally cleaner graphical confirm this impression. He occasionally peep some glitch related to the physics simulation engine and some minor imperfection that makes the material relevant to certain quest you can collect them even before they actually started, but nothing going to ruin the gaming experience . The smooth graphics engine does a good job with internal and external, giving fairly detailed visual and smoothly even on PC is not just young. The textures are not always the top, polygonal models of the characters are not exceptional and the animations not always optimal, but the whole is offset by good design and a general look well made.
Pity about the sound effects are often poorly sampled and repeated ad infinitum, not exceptional, the soundtrack, which accompanies the average orchestral tracks, and dubbed into English, often ill-starred.

Risen Summary

Risen Experience has proved far more exciting expectations. Leaving the brand of Gothic in other hands, the Piranha Bytes have created an interesting game universe that is beyond the clich├ęs of fantasy literature, and have set an engaging storyline, multi-faceted, that deserves to be played and replayed in particular. Propose a gameplay where dialogues and fights have the same weight was a brave choice that certainly meet the taste of all those who want a game more than the simple virtual bloodshed. The price you pay is a limited access that may discourage users less accustomed to the classic RPG style. For all the fans instead, Risen is a title must be included in your collection.

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