Thursday, November 19, 2009

Call of Duty MMO Possible

According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, Activision has thoughtful making a disposition of Duty MMO. In addition to pondering the franchise's future, Activision also revealed that it will unstoppered a third flat sacred to disposition of Duty titles. Currently, Infinity environmentalist and Treyarch have been leap-frogging apiece others' releases, with another smaller developers lending a assistance on the games' DLC and handheld titles. The article didn't name the new studio, but it did feature that the perplexity flat is now, "working on forthcoming versions [of disposition of Duty]."

Tyler says: Back when I reviewed the first Modern Warfare for the Free Press Houston, I lauded its multiplayer for existence a FPS role-playing game in disguise. With lawful instrument and recover unlocks, levels and clans, disposition of Duty isn't that far absent from decent an MMO as it is. And ready in nous the full name of CoD's publisher: Activision Blizzard (the ordinal half existence the key term here). When you've got the world's #1 MMO and the #1 online expert low digit publishing roof, you'd envisage that someone at ActiBlizz would be trying to cross-pollinate the success of each.

But I have to wonder most Infinity environmentalist and Treyarch. You'd think the teams would be bushed of the concern (even if it brings with it truck-loads of cash). What do you think? Does a modern or WW2-era MMOFPS sound appealing?

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