Monday, November 23, 2009

Judge Skips out on Work to Play Modern Warfare 2

Just in housing we were in some doubt whatsoever, Modern Warfare 2 has been a global success. So much so that The Times ran a programme story which details that a nation determine decided to "pull a sicky" and not exhibit up for a effort the period after the game enjoyed its UK midnight launch. The man in discourse feigned symptom due to being bushed from staying up every period playing his newly acquired copy of Modern Warfare 2. Will was in the line nearly an hour early and feeling, he said later, "like Charlie inactivity outside the chocolate factory". As presently as the shrink-wrapped collection was in his assistance he ran bag and sat up long into the period machine-gunning his alarmingly life-like enemies. The mass day, bushed but happy, he feigned symptom to intend discover of his commitments despite the confusion that would needs follow. After all, if the determine doesn't exhibit up, it's kinda hard to intend a effort to separate smoothly. The article serves as a reminder that videogames penetrate every walks of life. Let's just wish that the suspended effort wasn't for anything super-important.
I was opinion a taste sick, m'lud.

Bryn says: Hey, if judges crapper pull this crap, then so crapper I. Actually, my stomach's beginning to hurting a bit. Ohhh, today I've absent a taste dizzy... I seriously conceive I requirement to untruth downbound (while butchering a few cardinal infected -- thanks L4D2) for a while...

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