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Section 8

Section 8 DVD Game Cover

Section 8 is a production license plate TimeGate Studios and is presented as a cooperative multiplayer game online. In memory of lovers of this genre, the road is paved with large MMOFPS titles, all with a past and a charismatic background behind. Section 8 is a futuristic FPS again and deserves a closer look.

Dark future

The "8th Armored Infantry, nicknamed" Section 8 "is the spearhead of the imperialist forces of the United States.
The last hope, used in the missions now "desperate".
He knows how thin the dividing line that separates madness from the courage, but we and our team has taken us from one another and above all that we can count on a high-tech war machinery. Our goal is to defeat the "Arm of Orion", the rebels who have already destroyed many of the colonies founded by man. The single player campaign is called "History of Strings, takes its name from the character in dress clothes, a reconnaissance of Section 8. Strings, like all other soldiers, has enhanced armor, in addition to being a classic "shield" to protect us from enemy fire, allows to run at high speed through the scenarios, and above all, soaring for short stretches thanks to the very limited autonomy to retrorockets.
Immediately, however, after only a few single player missions section, we are assailed by a feeling of emptiness and redundancy. The operations to be performed there will be engaged in maps visibly designed for multiplayer battles, and also the objectives seem to often "capture the flag. Going to destroy or sabotage the power plants in the enemy camp or defend their territory is what we do almost always. The missions are anticipated to be fairly treated and introductory video that should help us enter at once into the atmosphere of what lies ahead, but the trick unfortunately does not work perfectly. Although they are pleasant to see, do not send anything on why this war, and we do not trigger the adrenaline typical start battle. You can tell almost immediately that the single-player adventure is considered a sort of "bonus track", an unexpected gift for those who buy the game. There is little depth in characterization, in the history and dynamics of combat. Also seem impossible to obtain adequate support from our fellow soldiers. This makes' charisma to lose all the characters, who remain strangers, giving us the assurance that we will never see an action figure of ropes. All this will be "marked" by a patchy AI and a near constant feeling of déjà vu. After all we consider the single player of Section 8 as a sort of tutorial or training ground for what is the true essence of this game, to play a fps in multiplayer.

Run and shoot

Leaving aside what is not part of primary Section 8, dedicate ourselves to the most juicy of the title. The equipment we have is like that super technology and will allow us to move on the battlefield with great agility. Our armor will be equipped with jet packs that allow us to jump up significantly, useful for jumping over, making it difficult targets or simply to get an angle of free throw. However, its thrust is to be determined carefully, because once exhausted, we have to wait precious seconds for the complete regeneration propulsive energy.
Worthy of note is the innovation that allows us to run at full speed across the field of battle, because holding down the speed for a few seconds, we see the energy bar propulsion load and once fully loaded, the view will switch to third person, making it more theatrical than effective. The shot on our character launched into a sprint is a pretty significant news for the genre, and though it will be impossible to perform any action during the mad rush, this is a great way to escape from an uncomfortable situation (most of the battles will take place open field) or quickly reach areas of interest. In theory we could also overwhelm the other soldiers who were unaware of our arrival, but it is very difficult to succeed in this endeavor. If the armor has definitely fresh talent, but not too innovative when you think of titles like Crysis, the weapons are the same as always. Machine guns, pistols, rocket launchers and sniper rifle, they have nothing new compared to what we already know. Do not look futuristic and will notice any super technological arsenal available to Section 8.
Particular attention has been given the ability to customize the classes used in accordance with its ability to "Fragger".
We can decide what weapons to bring with us, if it fits our style as a sniper rifle or rocket launcher, but the primary weapons will never be in excess of two. Enriches the level of strategy may be able to decide at what point on the map we want to be run at high speed every time there is a "rebirth". This was a choice visually spectacular, with the HUD that flashes and the ground rapidly approached before with a brake can be able to correct our final trajectory. Beautiful to see and effectively.
The gameplay of Section 8 is undoubtedly his best value, not just experts but also for those who are unfamiliar with the genre: some actions and keystrokes will be done automatically. The decision to grant the player ammunition in large quantities gives points for readiness for immediate action and devoid of "anxiety charging." And it is true that new in the multiplayer mode there is not much more than before, but in the end, the essence of first-person shooter is to target the enemy and try to avoid being hit. Section 8 is here is this: run, shoot, shoot, and above all try not to get caught!
Garrison generators and the control console, infiltrate enemy territory and steal information or sabotage electric generators, escorting a convoy through an area full of enemies and turrets, and maintain a position for a preset time, it is true that lead to precious points Our team, but they remain a contour unsatisfactory. All this makes it even more obvious choice for developers to focus everything on royalties older style of first-person shooter.

Landscape future or past?

Graphically the game is bright, but not exciting. Some effects like smoke and explosions are made with little attention to detail is not final and there are no special effects. The level design rather trivial, because it gives very few truly inspired locations, with no areas in which to immerse yourself completely futuristic atmosphere that you tried to recreate.
Overall, the player must endure a glance difficult to appreciate when compared with the titles we've played with and for securities that within a few months we have in our hands. It seems all very sharp and feel the lack of proper interaction with objects in maps. The creation of weapons and armor of the soldiers is very flat, as they are in fact rescued by an imaginary danger of extinction and now known to all. There's really no insight into the recreated or nothing in enemies or weapons that manages to intrigue our eyes or which may be called "fresh". A slightly better texture, especially of weapons, would undoubtedly provide a visual impact and imagery that would make most charismatic Section 8 a title much more enjoyable.
The game is dubbed in the original language with subtitles in Italian. The sound is truly an unkempt appearance, unfortunately a little repetitive and convolgente. The female voice that will inform us on the evolving battle, for example, creates discomfort for what has aseptic.


Section 8 is a fun game. If you feel like grasping a weapon and run up and down the map frag your friends in multiplayer games carefree, this title proves to be ideal. Section 8 is a bit 'Halo for the scenic surroundings, a little' Crysis for our armor and the ability to increase their skills, but ultimately far from these "sacred cows". We just have to shoot, run, jump, but in the end, however, have fun.

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