Saturday, November 21, 2009

Is this Ken Levine's Next Game?

The Spike Videogame Awards hype began early this hebdomad when it was announced that Halo: Reach would have its concern execute during the springy broadcast. That hype continues today as a teaser lodging for an unnamed 2K expert has absent up on Spike's site, featuring a destroyed metropolis (via Kotaku). You crapper see a colossus storm approaching the city, and there's apparently wide-spread destruction on Earth's surface. It looks like an invasion has condemned place, which is kindred to the plot of an older PC classic, X-Com, which is also rumored to be Ken Levine's newborn send at 2K Boston. We'll know for trusty become December 12th, as the Spike VGAs are ordered to both study and exhibit gameplay from the perplexity title.

Tyler says: While I wish we'll move to see details on Ken's newborn send soon, I also have to remind folks that developer Gearbox (which fresh published Borderlands under 2K) ease has an unexpected expert in the entireness as well. But that's just me putting on my skeptical hat. What do you think? Anyone added endeavor any of the example X-Com games? Does anything in the lodging saucer to an X-Com connection?

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