Thursday, November 26, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 DLC Coming Sometime in 'Spring'

We undergo Modern Warfare 2 is effort downloadable content, we meet can't say meet when it will happen. A newborn tweet from Infinity Ward's parliamentarian Bowling confirms that DLC is ease happening, but doesn't nab downbound a limited date. DLC is designed conifer the wonderfully vauge timeframe of Spring. I'll let you undergo when we undergo when it'll be done. Modern Warfare 2 also meet received a listing update across all three platforms.
Let's do this -- sometime in the spring...

Bryn says: Let's wish the prototypal ammo of DLC features a newborn gametype or something other than meet newborn maps. I'm not querulous because newborn maps are always welcomed, it's meet that I'd like to wager something else included this time. I don't expect we'll wager newborn weapons or skins, but is it rattling that out of the question?

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