Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big Download awards 2009's vaporware

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In salutation to Wired's possess 2009 vaporware awards, our pals at BigDownload hit complied their possess itemize of code and element that woulda, coulda and shoulda seen the light of period this year. Topping the itemize is the moving assist OnLive, which was slated to promulgation in "winter 2009," mass a healthy dose of beta testing. While getting for the assist has been mostly positive, OnLive's claims hit still to be tested on a orbicular stage (during E3 2009, OnLive was previewed for select media via a telegram modem unification to the service's California-based headquarters).

Other nods go to Gearbox Software's oft-delayed -- we'll conceive it when we wager it -- Aliens: Colonial Marines, Obsidian's "oh, by the way, it's not coming out today" Alpha Protocol, and Midway's This Is Canceled Vegas. Sadly, Duke Nukem Forever unsuccessful to win an honor for what would hit been a record twelfth-straight year.

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