Saturday, December 26, 2009

PSA: Uncharted 2 double cash weekend, Santa hats in play

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In our rush to the yule New this time week, we nearly forgot to name that Nathan admiral and Nathan admiral lookalikes (Drakealikes?) have the chance to acquire double change (read: XP) this weekend in Uncharted 2's multiplayer mode. Donning the present flushed container (and apparently two brand newborn concealed hands), those attractive admiral online will connexion not just jollier looking foes, but also "double for every kills and medals," according to Naughty Dog marketing man Arne Meyer on the PlayStation Blog. The temporary XP boost kicked in on Christmastime Eve (December 24) at 10AM PST and goes until tomorrow at 11AM PST, so there are ease at least another 24 or so hours to shoot whatever of those dastardly Drakealikes in multiplayer.

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