Thursday, December 31, 2009

This '8-bit Xmas' NES cart makes your heart, NES glow

If you are tired after playing this game you can get out of the game and select game wallpapers that can easily be found via the Internet.
We ostensibly missed one promulgation in our Now Playing list for this week: 8-bit Xmas 2009 for the NES. The cart was ostensibly constructed entirely from new parts and -- aside from incorporating the festive light pass you wager above -- is actually a fully functional NES game. The prizewinning part: you crapper totally acquire it.

RetroZone is commerce the cart up until tomorrow for $43 and there's even a demonstrate you crapper try discover correct in your browser. If you forgot someone on your gift-giving list, you crapper intercommunicate downbound $5 more and get a personalized denomination concealment additional along with a nice Christmas card. If there ever was a artefact to attain up for existence much a Procrastinating Pete, this is belike it.

[Via Video Games Blogger]

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