Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Buyer's Guide: PlayStation Network

If you are tired after playing this game you can get out of the game and select game wallpapers that can easily be found via the Internet.
It looks same someone got a PSN gift card for the holidays! So, what are you feat to buy? Whether you've got a PS3 or a PSP, a $20 or $50 card, there are many options to opt from in the PlayStation Store. From the Trophy Hunter to the Movie Buff, we hit recommendations for you:


The Hipster | The Movie Buff
The PixelJunkie | The Retrobutionist
The Speed Demon | The Strategist
The Trophy Hunter | DLC Essentials


Comic Collector | The Music Maker
The Movie Buff | The PixelJunkie
The Retrobutionist | PSP Essentials

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