Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nintendo's Aonuma pitched Link's Crossbow Training 2

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Aside from efforts same The Conduit and the Resident Evil 4 Wiimake (no, we couldn't help it), Nintendo's Wii hasn't just enjoyed a glut of confident FPS titles. According to a recent interview with games[TM] (via NowGamer), Zelda administrator Eiji Aonuma recognizes this -- and sees great possibleness for fixing that difficulty in Link's Crossbow Training, the pack-in minigame included with the Wii Zapper. "To tell you the truth, I actually wanted to create Link's Crossbow Training 2 ... I thought that we should do something more and better in the field of the first-person shooter." Wait, haven't we heard this before?

Unfortunately for Aonuma, the execs above him at Nintendo didn't conceive much of the idea, nixing it in souvenir of a completely newborn entry in the Zelda series. " I was thinking that maybe we could deepen the multiplayer mode ... [but] a aggregation of grouping exclusive Nintendo insisted that I should impact on a newborn Legend of Zelda title." We're compassionate most that, Mr. Aonuma! And to the Nintendo executives who killed a supplement to Link's Crossbow Training, we'd same to personally impart you.

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