Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'Ghost Recon Future Soldier' trademarked

By Tor Thorsen, GameSpotPosted Dec 21, 2009 1:06 pm PT

Ubisoft USPTO filing reveals probable study of incoming broadcast in its tactical blackamoor Clancy expert series, due out after Q1 2010.

Ever since it was prototypal revealed in January--and officially announced in April--Ghost Recon 4 has been shrouded in mystery. No info on the incoming broadcast in the blackamoor Clancy-inspired tactical expert program have been revealed other than its promulgation window, which module be sometime after March 2010.

Even the game's study is a working title, obscuring whether it is a candid supplement to the last broadcast in the series, 2007's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. That perplexity deepened in October, when the inhabitant Classification Board categorised a mettlesome called "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator."

GRAW2 already had non-deployed military technology. Will Future Solider do the same?

Now, the plot has toughened further. According to a December 14 US Patent & Trademark Office filing filing, French house Ubisoft has trademarked the term "Ghost Recon Future Soldier" for ingest in "game code and electronic mettlesome programs." The stylemark also extends to games for PCs, consoles, handhelds, and ambulatory phones.

The denomination Ghost Recon Future Soldier raises several possibilities. The most probable is that the mettlesome module anxiety the Future Soldier programs existence conducted by the US and its NATO allies. The initiative, currently conception of the US Army's Brigade Combat Team Modernization Program, focuses on outfitting infantrymen with networked subject and high-tech equipment. Much of that equipment was featured in the critically acclaimed Advanced Warfighter 2, ordered during a fictional conflict in the assemblage 2013. (GameSpot's recording analyse is below.)

Unfortunately, any authorised announcements regarding the mettlesome module probable not be made this year. When asked by GameSpot most the stylemark and the position of the new Ghost Recon game, Ubisoft reps offered exclusive a cropped "no comment."

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