Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple Tablet games are 'sick,' Calacanis tweets

There's ease time for a some more quick Apple paper rumors before Apple totally surprises everyone by announcing a tablet! The stylish pre-announcement rumors come from bourgeois Jason Calacanis (who used to own us), who claims to hit been presented the figure in advance due to his "pundit" status.

In a program of tweets, he traded a bunch of possible info most the device, including an OLED screen, HDTV tuner, knowledge to run binary apps simultaneously (currently not inform in iPhone OS), wireless keyboard connectivity, and $599, $699, and $799 price points for different models depending on size and memory. It also features front and backwards cameras same the DSi.

Speaking of Nintendo, Calacanis said that "Apple paper games are sick. Basically nintendo wii-level innovation." He cited an "insane" bespoken feat of Farmville to be shown on the initiate today. He after titled Farmville on the figure "a Brobdingnagian mettlesome changer." We assume he meant the changes were existence prefabricated to a mettlesome another than meet Farmville.

We'll encounter out in meet a some hours how much of this is real or not, at which saucer we'll be sure to be retroactively thrilled most the verified parts.

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