Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blueside's 'Project T' MMO also in development for Xbox 360

We'd heard before that Asiatic developer Blueside (of Ninety-Nine Nights and Kingdom Under Fire) was employed on a sekrit massively multiplayer mettlesome titled Project T for the PC, but today we've scholarly that it's also thinking to promulgation the mettlesome on the Xbox 360. A Asiatic employ listing for the consort says that the MMORPG is in development for both platforms, and asks for mettlesome planning skills of every kinds, including undergo employed on advertizement MMOs.

The mettlesome is supposed to be an "action RPG," so it actually sounds same a pretty beatific fit to try for the more action-friendly housing world. The employ listing specifies a contract instance of digit year (though that seems pretty boilerplate in these situations), and the MMO was last regular for a promulgation sometime in 2011. The company's also employed on whatever MMO-style gameplay for its upcoming Kingdom Under Fire II.

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