Friday, January 1, 2010

Wii dominates Amazon's video game best sellers of 2009

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Online retailer Amazon has tallied up income in its Video Games category for the assemblage 2009, and the results are irresistibly in favor of the Nintendo Wii, with nine discover of the crowning decade spots going to Nintendo's console, different authorised accessories, and games. The best-selling mettlesome on the itemize is New Super Mario Bros. Wii at spot sort 5, a accomplishment made even more awesome by the fact that the mettlesome came discover in Nov -- selling more copies in under two months than most games oversubscribed every year. But above that it's every Wii gear, from the Nunchuk and the MotionPlus addon to the housing itself at the top.

Modern Warfare 2 is the only non-Nintendo denomination in the crowning ten, and it's specifically the Xbox 360 version, patch the PS3 version comes in at sort 13. There are only two titles inner to added housing on the list: Halo 3: ODST for Microsoft at 16, and Uncharted 2 for Sony at 18. But that's not such to embolden about: even the Wii Wheel vex them both. It's clean to feature Nintendo can tell Wii-ctory on Amazon in 2009. See the flooded itemize below.

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