Thursday, December 3, 2009

Allotment bar in Glasgow pays homage to Pong

You know, the United Kingdom isn't a great locate to go if you savor drinking. The folks there, they meet aren't big drinkers. It's arduous for them to find reasons to take in the time-traveling powers of alcohol. Enter: Allotment, a new forbid in the metropolis Atlantic that offers thirsty patrons live performance art, penalization and a bit of the in-between.

Right most now, you're belike wondering what this has to do with games. Well, this Saturday, the forbid module be transformed into a living dedication to retrospective gaming, with a bicentric thought of "gaming and morality." There'll be curve and karaoke, whatever construction gaming. But, more importantly, coordinators module envision a real-life Pong commendation in the space, allowing attendees to participate at some instance in the recreation by simply travel up and dynamical it.

If you're hunting for more aggregation on Allotment, or tickets to attend, then head on over to the National Theatre of Scotland. If after datum this, you're in the mood to watch that awing video of Asian Matrix ping-pong, substantially ... you aren't the only one.

[Via GamePolitics]

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