Thursday, December 17, 2009

Battlefield Heroes boasts army of 3 million

Here you'll find a game guide that will give you instructions how to master the game steps must be taken in through the game trailers, which will be accompanied by a sound track from game soundtracks as long as you play games and will also be displayed in the image of the pc screen game play taken in the form of game screenshots.By Brendan Sinclair, GameSpotPosted Dec 16, 2009 12:53 pm PT

Electronic Arts' PC free-to-play third-person expert hits added milestone, releases newborn transpose to mark the occasion.

It took digit month for Battlefield Heroes to register 1 meg players. Two months after that, Electronic Arts declared that the free-to-play PC expert had made it to 2 meg players. Today, threesome months after announcing the game's terminal milestone, EA addicted that the userbase for Battlefield Heroes had reached the 3 meg mark.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's soured to war we go.

In a statement, Battlefield Heroes general manager Ben Cousins dropped a some practice stats on the game. Since launch, Cousins said players hit collectively spent 1,300 years activity the game, with 300 meg addicted kills between them spread out over 150 meg mettlesome rounds.

As it did with the 2 meg milestone, EA is celebrating the event with newborn noesis for the game. The publisher today free Sunset Showdown, a newborn transpose centralised on a hilltop faith control point.

Battlefield Heroes' playing model allows players to acquire Valor Points through activity the game, which crapper be spent to acquire temporary access to newborn weapons. Alternatively, players crapper pay real-world cash to acquire Battlefunds, which present imperishable use of the items.

While the free-to-play model obviously drew gamers to at least distribution the game, past toll hikes on items purchased with Valor Points hit worn blast from the community. A thread on the game's official forums has reached more than 200 pages and 4,300 posts, some featuring mode images decrying EA or referring to the mettlesome as "Battlefund Heroes."

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