Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Battlefield Heroes store updated, offers advantage to microtransacting users

It's arduous to vindicate the current disceptation close Battlefield Heroes without talking a full aggregation of inside baseball, so we'll ready it simple. Players of the mettlesome are up in blazonry due to a past update to the title's in-game store. Though EA and DICE had worked up a equilibrise between the game's digit forms of currency -- Valor Points, which you unlock from playing, and Battlefunds, which you purchase with real-life money -- this connector heavily depreciates the continuance of the past while making the latter a near requisite for those who wish to stay combative in the game.

Items have had their Valor Point costs accumulated crossways the commission -- what's more, some of these items crapper no individual be permanently purchased with Valor Points, but crapper only be condemned on a one or three-day effort drive. However, these aforementioned items have had their Battlefund costs reduced, and allow purchasers to ready them indefinitely.

If the items existence purchased were merely cosmetic, we wouldn't conceive twice about this shift in fungible continuance -- however, the torch-wielding gangdom now agitated finished the Battlefield Heroes forums seem to conceive that the shooter's developer has forsaken the more frugal members of its community, gift the wealthy playboys among them an dirty advantage.

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