Monday, December 14, 2009

The Best of Big Download: December 7 - 13

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The Spike TV Video Game Awards were the maker of a aggregation of newborn mettlesome announcements and reveals last night, but they weren't the only maker of major programme items in PC recreation this week. Let's countenance backwards at the past seven life at Big Download:
Big Versus: In our stylish Big Versus, we incurvature Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare against Modern Warfare 2. Interviews: We chat with the people behindhand the upcoming expert The Scourge Project and also with the nous of Smoking Gun Interactive. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PC review: We give our test verdict to the PC opening of LucasArts's state game. The State of Mac Gaming: Part 3: It's the third conception of our four conception series that examines Mac gaming. Boot Disk: Our retrospective games feature checks out X-Com Apocalypse. Freeware Friday: Our free PC mettlesome article checks out the unusually named Magic Planet Snack.

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