Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Best of Big Download: November 30 - December 6

Here you'll find a game guide that will give you instructions how to master the game steps must be taken in through the game trailers, which will be accompanied by a sound track from game soundtracks as long as you play games and will also be displayed in the image of the pc screen game play taken in the form of game screenshots.

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We may be running discover of 2009, but there was ease a ton to inform and speech about in PC gaming in the terminal week. Let's analyse discover the bounteous stories from the instance heptad days at Big Download:

Exclusive Features
PC Game Multiplayer Holiday Gift Guide: Check discover whatever heritage ideas from Big Download from the underway assemblage and also whatever budget titles from instance eld that are ease available. Left 4 Dead 2 Game Guide: Check discover the terminal digit crusade guides for Valve's zombie expert (Flood of Hard Rain and Flee The Parish). Plus go backwards and analyse earlier entries in the series. R.U.S.E muliplayer hands-on: We analyse discover the multiplayer beta effort for the upcoming and assorted WWII RTS mettlesome from Eugen and Ubisoft. Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena: 10 Years Later: We countenance backwards at the promulgation of digit of the most important multiplayer shooters of every time. The Wake of Guybrush Threepwood: Is the hero of the Monkey Island series really dead? We try to find discover in this advertisement of the ordinal and test chapter of Telltale's downloadable undertaking series. Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Review: We provide our test finding to Croteam's FPS illustration remake. The Top 10 PC Game News Stories For Nov 2009: We provide our picks for the biggest PC mettlesome programme stories for terminal month. The State of Mac Gaming - Part 2: We move our countenance at the underway stats of games on the Mac papers in this ordinal conception of a quaternary conception series. Big Ideas: Our lawful countenance at mettlesome thmese continues with an communicating of death in games and doable alternatives. All You Need To Know: We provide you the 411 on Ubisoft's upcoming concealing action mettlesome Splinter Cell Conviction. Freeware Friday: Our countenance at free PC games checks discover the indie mettlesome title Probability O. Contests: You ease hit instance to enter our Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter programme and analyse with Big Download incoming week for modify more programme contests.

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