Monday, December 7, 2009

Capcom's Real Resident Evil Chopper

If you are tired after playing this game you can get out of the game and select game wallpapers that can easily be found via the Internet.
Here's digit we never saw coming. Capcom's Chris Kramer has blogged about a newborn partnership between the Asian house and dweller bespoken cycle builders Savage Cycles. There's a organisation current to manufacture a strictly limited edition run of Resident Evil choppers, with the first digit actuation off the gathering distinction in early January. The cycle is low-slung and mean, bulletproof but fast, with hurried access to a sort of "weapons" and items, much as an airsoft shotgun and pistol, "health sprays" and a combat wound strapped to the face fork. The exhaust wind module be wrapped in heat-resitant black tape and slot into the bulletproof fairing along the correct side of the bike. The face tire is narrow as a stiletto for hurried turns, patch the backwards wheel is as panoramic as a land road occupy by slavering undead. The finished product module also climb impalpable Capcom, STARS and Resident Evil logos and info painted on to various spots. We're not sure meet how some RE choppers module be made, or how much they module cost, but these beauties module surely go downbound in videogame memorabilia story as digit of the coolest, and belike most expensive, structure to show your fuck for a game.
The amend curative to the decedent apocalypse?

Bryn says: Now this is feat to be digit earnest example of videogaming kit. I can't envisage the cipher punter module be able to provide digit of these beasts, but maybe Capcom module run a oppose to provide away a couple these awesome machines. The discourse is who would want to ride this around town? Surely it'd be device for the close decedent masses that are meet solicitation for the quantity to run demoniac through the streets of America...

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