Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Duke Nukem: D-Day revealed?

By Tor Thorsen, GameSpotPosted Nov 30, 2009 5:21 pm PT

Mysterious Facebook tender teases what looks aforementioned a newborn entry in the catchphrase-spouting shooter series; is it a rebranded Duke Nukem Forever, the Gearbox title, or much ado most nothing?

Source: Ubiquitous social-networking place Facebook.

What we heard: Earlier this year, the 12-year-long Duke Nukem Forever saga came to an modify when developer 3D Realms ordered soured almost its whole utilization team. Today, though, rumors that a newborn broadcast may be in the works began to circulate, thanks to a newborn Facebook profile of the cigar-chomping, catchphrase-spouting hero.

The profile, which appears to hit been created last week, appears to be conception of a viral marketing crusade to promote a newborn game, Duke Nukem D-Day. After bill the vexer status "Duke Nukem doesn't meet down for long," the profile's administrator posted a screenshot (pictured top) of what appears to be a concealment of the game, which shows a helmeted shirker actuation a rifle at a towering ogre inside a sports stadium.

The Duke Nukem D-Day vexer imageÂ….

The environs appears to be the aforementioned one glimpsed in leaked Duke Nukem Forever footage which surfaced this time May. (The trailer, which is viewable below, contains short status and secular language--viewer sagacity is advised.) So is Duke Nukem D-Day a rebranded edition of Duke Nukem Forever, which the still-extant 3D Realms retains the rights to? Or is it the Gearbox-developed "Duke Begins" game, which had a 2010 promulgation date before utilization was suspended?

Â…looks a lot aforementioned that seen in leaked footage of Duke Nukem Forever.

The authorised story: Take-Two Interactive and 3D Realms did not convey requests for comment. Reps for Gearbox declined to comment.

Bogus or not bogus?: Unclear. Given marketers' love with low-cost social media campaigns, the Facebook tender certainly could be conception of a grass-roots PR crusade for an upcoming Duke Nukem game. Given the near-identical similarity between the image and the leaked video, the mettlesome could rattling substantially be a rebranded edition of Duke Nukem Forever, the denomination for which was a synonym for vaporware throughout its development.

Unfortunately, even if the Facebook tender is conception of an authorised crusade for a newborn game, there's lowercase chance of the flat-topped admirer blasting aliens anytime soon. The Duke Nukem license is currently at the center of a heated legal dispute between 3D Realms parent Apogee Software, which retains ownership of the Duke Nukem IP, and Take-Two Interactive, which lays verify to Duke Nukem Forever's business rights. Is the name change a artefact to side-step the Duke Nukem Forever business contracts wording? Time module tell.

[WARNING: Video contains coarse module and short nudity--viewer sagacity is advised.]

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