Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Infinity Ward teases PC Modern Warfare 2 mod tools

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Communications administrator parliamentarian Bowling says sacred servers for screen edition ease out, programme on authorised bespoken maker tools haw become soon.

It initially appeared as if Infinity environmentalist had tripped a claymore among the PC community with the release of disposition of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Just a some weeks before launch, the Activision-owned studio declared a console-esque online multiplayer matchmaking service for the PC edition, digit that denied screen gamers the ability to operate sacred servers or create bespoken mods.

Infinity environmentalist haw soon deploy PC teenager tools.

And patch screen gamers vehemently voiced their contestant to the move, the PC edition of Modern Warfare 2 went on to sell more during its opening hebdomad than the example Modern Warfare did on the aforementioned papers in total. Still, Infinity environmentalist appears to be attractive steps to conciliate PC gamers ease irate over the issue.

In a post to his Twitter feed, Infinity environmentalist administrator of communications parliamentarian Bowling said that patch player-run servers are ease out, aggregation concerning authorised teenager tools haw be forthcoming. "Nothing on sacred servers, but there haw be some teenager tools programme reaching in the future, I'll transfer it along erst I hit it," he wrote.

Beyond his Twitter feed, Bowling noted that more aggregation on the position of Modern Warfare 2, including known issues and in-progress fixes, crapper be found in a new, currently vacant country of Infinity Ward's forums. For more on Modern Warfare 2, check discover GameSpot's previous coverage.

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