Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mirror's Edge 2 Tentatively Revealed

It's highly likely that DICE's grownup illumination artist accolade Carlen has unexpectedly addicted the utilization of Mirror's Edge 2. Joystiq caught twine of the fact that Carlen's uphold briefly noted that his "2009 - present" workload included Mirror's Edge 2 and Battlefield 3. The update was distant presently after the programme spread around the gaming community. It's unknown whether or not Mirror's Edge 2 is digit of the titles to be fresh affected by EA's super cutbacks, and patch the original mettlesome was met with a decent critical reception, Mirror's Edge underperformed at retail. We'll hit to move and wager what bubbles up to the opencast on this one.
Fingers crossed, eh?

Bryn says: I really enjoyed Mirror's Edge, and frankly didn't wait to wager name of a supplement some time soon. So this gossip comes as a gratifying surprise. I really hope that a) this man doesn't intend in likewise such trouble, and b) that the send gets off the connector and arrives sometime in 2010.

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