Friday, December 4, 2009

MMO Roundup: Massively's week in review

When it comes to MMO programme and special features, Joystiq miss place has you covered. Whether you're hunting for content on the hottest newborn MMO, or you're meet curious most an older favorite, you'll encounter it at Massively. Check out our large features of the week: Analyzing the newest Guild Wars 2 trailer
ArenaNet has a rattling early, rattling wonderful pass heritage for Guild Wars fans this morning: a sort newborn Guild Wars 2 trailer. (Take a instance to cheer, then we'll move on.) The lodging is amazingly beautiful, something we've become to wait from ArenaNet and specially Guild Wars 2. Massively's End-of-the-Year Reader's Choice Awards
The modify of 2009 is almost upon us, and President C. Clarke's dreams are every most to become true in inferior than a month. It's been an engrossing assemblage for MMOs, including everything from Tabula Rasa's authorised closure to the start of LotRO's second paid expansion. While it's inevitable that the Massively staff every have their possess selection games in individual assorted categories, we figured it would be prizewinning to intend the readers involved this year. Hands-on with Star Trek Online's expanse combat
Space battles in Star Trek Online are going to be a bounteous commerce point for whatever a Trek fan. I firm got whatever hands-on instance with the closed beta and institute individual engrossing conversation points to have like hot firm delicious phasered pizza. I imagine whatever of you are quite up to snuff on the principle of conflict in Star Trek Online, so if you encounter your welfare waning I suggest skipping aweigh into the analytical characteristic of this feature. MMO developers intercommunicate on the state of betas
Is beta investigating something of a perplexity to you? Do you wonder most the how and why of a developer's beta process? Well, you're in for a treat! We firm got in contact with individual MMO developers to ask them apiece a series of questions most MMO beta testing. In this feature you'll encounter opinions from Cryptic Studios, Fallen Earth LLC, Mythic Entertainment, Turbine, Runic Games and Hi-Rez Studios.

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