Friday, December 18, 2009

MMO Roundup: Massively's week in review

If you are tired after playing this game you can get out of the game and select game wallpapers that can easily be found via the Internet.

When it comes to MMO programme and special features, Joystiq miss place has you covered. Whether you're looking for info on the hottest newborn MMO, or you're meet peculiar most an old favorite, you'll encounter it at Massively. Check discover our large features of the week: Massively's 2009 Winter Holiday Event Guide
It's that time of year again -- whatever holiday you are celebrating, the denizens of your selection MMO are trusty to be celebrating it too. Whether it's Festivult in Dungeons and Dragons Online, Wintersday in Guild Wars, or the Starlight Celebration in Final Fantasy XI, the thought is the same. There are presents, some sort of sugary treats, and tons of fun. NASA releases newborn aggregation on their upcoming MMO
Back in November, we talked most an elating expanse MMO in the entireness from NASA, titled Astronaut: Moon, Mars, and Beyond. The aggregation they had at the time was pretty extensive, and left us uneasy to encounter discover more and essay it out. Hi-Rez Studios announces Global Agenda start date
Hi-Rez studios officially announced that the game module start on Feb 1st, 2010, and pre-orders are acquirable through Steam,, and the authorised place beginning today. Those who pre-order module savor every sorts of perks, including access to the Jan beta events, ability to jock their player and agency names, and special in-game items. Funcom offers unlimited liberated trial for Age of Conan
With the Age of Conan treatment Rise of the Godslayer approaching, opportunities for newborn and returning players to explore the game (or revisit it) hit been more frequent than customary these days. The latest substance comes via FilePlanet. If you're a FilePlanet subscriber, you crapper endeavor the first conception of the game for liberated in an unlimited trial. The substance is beatific until December 31st, but as daylong as you download before then, your trial module not expire.

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