Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not getting up: Ecko's Macbeth game dispatched

Seeing as how the whole "Macbeth with gunz" thing has already been finished (see: flick starring Aussie heartthrob Sam Worthington, above), we're ever so peculiar to learn more most Marc Ecko's preserved game concept for a "completely re-imagined Macbeth." Unfortunately, the notable clothing designer -- overturned failed game designer -- has his lips sealed. "I don't poverty to give it away," Ecko told Destructoid, after admitting that the rumored project was at least, in some form, quite real.

Sadly, we're left to contemplate what could have been from a single, planned gameplay mechanic: "cutting people's heads off." Surely, Shakespeare's inclusion of exclusive one, climactic beheading -- and "off stage" at that -- in the acknowledged example Macbeth was merely a limitation of the special effects of the playwright's day. Just imagine how such more poem revival entireness could be as video games ... Oh, right.

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