Thursday, December 17, 2009

PBS recording, airing Video Games Live concert in 2010

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The ever pleasant Video Games Live concert program module hit a action recorded and shown on PBS stations next year. The transcribed action module become February 5, 2010, at the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans. Tickets, which start at $15, go on understanding Friday, Dec 18 at 10AM CST (check Ticketmaster or call 800-745-3000).

We contacted VGL Executive Producer Tommy Tallarico to encounter out about primary guests for this televised concert. He told us that the action is ease in the early thinking stages and wishes he had more to share. Tallarico explained, "The exclusive thing I could really feature for sure right now is that we are not exclusive feat to hit primary guests from the recreation concern -- mettlesome composers and mettlesome designers from around the concern -- we're also feat to hit primary singable guests and celebrities not from the recreation world, but who are very substantially famous and strange performers."

For the rest of us not nearby Mardi Gras land, the concert module begin transmission in June on your local PBS send and a DVD/Blu-ray edition module be diffuse worldwide. All of this sounds same a very clever artefact for PBS to draw a junior demographic. Also, if you listen the recorded concert, make sure to dress business casual. Greasy gamers in T-shirts and jeans don't make for beatific gathering shots.

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