Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Portal Creator Leaves Valve

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One of the people responsible for Valve's first-person-puzzler Portal, Kim Swift, has left the consort for a position with Dark Void developer Airtight Games (via Game|Life). ironist was digit of the DigiPen students whose 2005 thesis project, Narbacular Drop, landed her and her team jobs at Valve.

Swift commented on the move, "I've scholarly so much and had whatever amazing experiences at Valve, but when I heard I had the opportunity to impact on original titles with my friends over at Airtight, I couldn't pass it up." In constituent to Portal, ironist worked on Left 4 Dead and its sequel. Airtight games is currently closing Dark Void and has no another projects announced.

Tyler says: I astonishment if that lowercase GDC snafu earlier this assemblage led to Swift's selection to yield Valve?

The Examiner ran a example backwards in March detailing the controversy that enclosed this year's Game Developer's Conference mettlesome organisation competition. See, the rivalry -- which has a thought every assemblage -- tasked a few teams to amend a mettlesome around the thought "My prototypal time: Sex and autobiography." Turns discover Valve didn't like the theme, and pressured ironist to yield the rivalry days before it concluded.

Could ironist hit a bigger list with mettlesome development? Maybe she desired to impact for a consort that's more forward-thinking in terms of actuation the melody bag in gaming? This is clean speculation as I'm having a hornlike instance uncovering a reason why someone would poverty to yield a consort like Valve. Anyone else hit similar tinfoil headgear theories?

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