Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Team Fortress 2 Might be Getting a New Friendship Mode

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The gain is noisy with programme that Valve's Team Fortress 2 could potentially be received a brand newborn gameplay fashion -- based around friendship? According to a recording that's been uploaded to YouTube (h/t D'toid) newborn beatific files that were snuck into the mettlesome during a recent connector declare that this newborn fashion is some category of friendship-based mode. The beatific files has the Announcer referring to the Team Fortress warriors ostensibly friending digit added in order to verify downbound the Announcer in the newborn mettlesome type. Blue and Red reaching unitedly for the ordinary good?! Unheard of! While there's no authorised comment from Valve as of yet, meet tuned because we're expecting it won't be likewise daylong before something authorised gets a mention on the TF2 blog.

Bryn says: Ooooh the possibilities for espionage are endless! While this is all reflection correct today the intellection of a game-type that allows you to switch sides on-the-fly or modify temporary alliances is kinda intriguing. What would you like to wager come discover of this possibleness mettlesome mode? Or is there added fashion you'd poverty to play instead?

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