Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Telltale teases new Sam and Max in 2010

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click to Maximize imagesEveryone's selection episodic adventure mettlesome program about human detectives (we assume!) is returning in 2010! Telltale Games just put up a teaser site for something Sam and Max-related event in 2010, featuring concept art unseeable within the Sam and Max constellations (which we've placed in our gallery for your convenience).

The meaning in the audio account to "a power-mad space gorilla pitted against a cuspid officer and a sociopathic coney with knowledge powers," along with the starry-sky imagery and (most definitively) the Max spaceship declare that Sam and Max module be in space. Impressive -- it took the Leprechaun flick program four installments to attain it soured the Earth.

The account also mentions that "This news module be different. You module be in control." This could be a meaning to a newborn curb scheme Telltale designed to ingest in Season 3.

Gallery: Sam and Max 2010 teaser

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