Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Valve Reveals New Demoman / Soldier Weapons

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Valve has revealed three of the newborn weapons that'll be introduced to Team Fortress 2 amid the collection struggle between the Demoman and Soldier.

First up is the Demoman who gets both the concerned brand Eyelander and the Chargin' Targe shield. The brand helps Demoman's close-up game and crapper behead enemies with apiece ending blow. The trade-off is that equipping the brand lowers your max hit points, which crapper then be increased when you blackball another players (this also boosts your speed). The Demoman's another disturbance weapon, Chargin' Targe, replaces the sticky assail armament but provides a unceasing +50% incentive to wind alteration status and +65% incentive wind alteration resist. The Chargin Targe also has an alt-fire knowledge that hurls Demomen toward foes. Attacking with the Eyelander in the region of a medium- or long-distance calculate module add mini-crit or full-crit alteration to the attack, respectively.

If you prefer herb launchers to grenade launchers, though, the Soldier collection module presently obtain a newborn precision-focused armament named the Direct Hit. This instrument rewards players who crapper hit opponents dead-on. The Direct Hit's wind radius is low by 70% but the herb module control 80% faster and deal 25% more damage. In addition, touch an adversary in the air module indorse a mini-crit.

The current struggle between the Demoman and Soldier module twine up soon, determining which collection module obtain an extra-special, extra-secret newborn weapon.

Tyler says: I'm actuation for the Demoman as I've never had such phenomenon with the Soldier class. But either way, the Demoman already has the coolest newborn addition: a concerned sword! I'm peculiar most the GameSpy community, anyone here more invested in either the Soldier or the Demoman?

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