Wednesday, December 16, 2009

VGA 2009: Felicia Day on Felicia Day

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This past Sat brought us the Spike TV Video Game Awards and - before experiencing the litany of concern exclusives that expected us exclusive - we spent whatever time correct cruising the flushed furnishings and talking (briefly!) to whatever of the game developers and talent. We squeezed them for aggregation as alacritous as we could patch simultaneously desire them holiday embolden and beatific tidings. Yes, it was as clumsy as it sounds. Here's what we learned from Felicia Day about, well ... Felicia Day.

How's the show going?

We just, a pair of weeks ago, the terminal program of Season Three came discover so we're between seasons correct now. We're waiting for an update from Microsoft ... or Xbox. And I'm composition a comic aggregation for Dark Horse before we start Season Four. Jim Rugg is the artist, but we hit whatever amazing counterbalance artists ... I can't feature who yet, but when I intend the art back I'm meet blown away.

We talked with Blizzard most the 5 & 15 year anniversaries for Warcraft, and we asked them ground there are no girls in the "What's Your Game" commercials and they asked us for suggestions. Why haven't you finished one?

I know! You know, that would be a beatific call for me ... I'm digit of those grouping who are constituted in destined circles, and not in others, and I same to ready it that way. But it would be great, I mean ... I'm a WoW girl, I love it!

So you conceive you could wager yourself in digit of those wacky commercials?

I would hope that they wouldn't be able to put my nous on their character, same with the Mr. T one. Because that would meet be likewise creepy. It already was creepy! I was trying to do same my "Thanksgiving" quest and I'm every "Stop with the Mr. T!" They were every over the place!

Are you employed on anything now?

I'm photography the terminal program of Dollhouse. The way that they wrap everything up is amazing, they rattling did it. I conceive I ease hit whatever prophetic soil on my cervix still. Also, I'm on an program of Lie to Me ... I've been employed for Fox a aggregation and I don't undergo why!

Are you playing anything else likewise WoW correct now?

Well, I endeavor everything ... except I haven't played Uncharted 2 yet. I don't hit a PS3. You undergo ... those are tax-deductible. Maybe I requirement to garner digit up.

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